Friday, 1 June 2012

Books by some of our speakers

Speaker: Anne Potter
Judge of our Competition 4

New book

And the Knight gets the King” by Anne deNize

Brann is a novice healer-priest who can’t heal anything. Try as he might, he cannot make the necessary connection with the god. With an ex-thief and an opinionated donkey he goes on the king’s quest – a decision which hrusts him into adventures to change his life forever.
available on line £1.99 from

Joseph Freeman
(Judge of Competition 1)
author of

Those Left Behind
(A Horror story)

As he fled he caught glimpses from the corner of his eye, and his only reaction was to run faster, so fast that his straining heart was at bursting point. Glimpses of something starved beyond the point of living, as white as bone running along beside him on all fours like an animal, yet more twisted and unnatural than he had ever seen before.

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