Friday, 18 May 2012



Due to the Queen’s 60th year Jubilee Celebrations our next meeting (a manuscript evening) will take place on May 29th 2012 instead of 5th June 2012.

15th May 2012 Competition 4 Fantasy/Science-fiction story

Adjudication of Competition 4 Fantasy/Science-fiction Story by Anne Potter.
Anne used these seven elements when choosing the winners. 
  1. Good Story
  2. Succinct use of words
  3. Format, Punctuation Grammar and Style
  4. Use of senses
  5. Story moved forward with dialogue
  6. Satisfying Conclusion
  7. Credible new technology
 She said all the stories were good satisfying reads and it was a difficult decision to make.
The Winners
1st “Endangered Species” by Elizabeth Bencze
2nd “The Story of the Allegorians” by Alex Sykes
3rd “2212” by Victoria Bartlett


Recent Successes

Victoria Bartlett’s poem was highly commended in this year’s Open Poetry Competition. “Gumbo” is featured in the 2012 Anthology which can be bought for £6 plus £1 P&P.
Please send your cheque made out to “Norwich Writers’ Circle”. to

The OPC Secretary, 1 Stannard Road Norwich NR4 7JD

Maureen Nesbit’s article “Black to Nature” entered in Walkopedia 2011 Travel Writing Competition is to be published on their website. Although not a prize winning entry it was judged as an excellent piece and will have a permanent place on their site.

Lyn Fountain’s short story: “The Bantam Menace” published in 19th May 2012 edition of Peoples Friend.

8th May 2012

Cenelly Hernandez Castillo, author of “Everybody Treats Me like an Idiot” is hosting fundraising events at her home in Norwich for Amnesty International every Thursday this year from . Everyone is welcome, for more details and directions e-mail her on  or phone 07875548286.

Friday, 4 May 2012

1 May 2012 How to Cheat at Novel Writing

Or 'How to Construct Aid Memoirs for Writing a Novel'

Anne Funnell gave a comprehensive talk on how to organise and keep track of essential information when writing long fiction. She stressed the importance of keeping characters, places, times and other data, in order and easily accessible, to avoid mistakes.
Paul Taylor gave a vote of thanks for the helpful demonstrations commenting that they will be invaluable to anyone embarking on creating a complicated piece of work.

 Taking Notes
Anne Funnell Answering Questions