Thursday, 21 June 2012

19th June 2012 Competition Five

Adjudication of Competition Five
A Charles Dickens Story. by Peter Mieville

Our literary skills were put to the test with a story based on Dickens style and social conscience. We were given many options: the start or portion of a novel, a short story, modern time or period issues, the guidelines asked for anything that might be inspired by Dickens writing.

Peter Mieville (an expert on Dickens) assessed each entry giving a comprehensive critique on the strengths and weaknesses of each piece with both helpful suggestions and praise where due. He said that all the entries were worthy of a place but he had to choose the winners using a basic criteria as all entries deserved commendation.

1st "Heaven’s Gateway" by Doreen Rosser.
Catholic convent schooling after the war.

2nd "A Tale of Two Faiths" by Victoria Bartlett
Dilemma of a Nazi war criminal who had tried to save some Jews

3rd "Abby Kendle" by Sally Newton
The honesty of a modern day young, homeless individual

Highly commended
"At Rest at the Swan Anchor" by James Beresford
"The Death Hunter" by Andrew Heron

A vote of thanks was given by John Halligan.

Peter writes under the name of 'Dominic Mieville'
Some of his titles include;

1. The Mysterious Burnchester Hall
2. The Burnchester Dome and the Sacred Cell
3. Tyro’s Journey

These are the first three titles in a quintet. You can find these if you google ‘Dominic Mieville’ and you can look for his books on amazon. There are more non-fiction titles under the name 'Peter Vaux'.

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