Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kick-Start 2010 With Benjamin Scott

Norwich Writers' Circle's 2010 was kick-started this evening with a workshop, held by Benjamin Scott, in a packed Sexton Room at The Assembly House.

The freelance writer's fun workshop was designed to stimulate and encourage our writing ideas. The main focus of the workshop were several exercises involving the flipping of a 1p coin to randomly create a pair of unrelated characters, their environment, plus a story to fit all our creations together.

During the evening, Benjamin also set our In-House Competition Three and advised us of what he was expecting to see in our entries. Competiton Three is for the Cooper Prize and involves writing a Children's Adventure Story of around 2,000 words. Ben stated that he would like our stories to focus on a boy under 10 who goes on a journey, either literally or emotionally, and that he wanted the reader to be gripped from the first paragraph onwards.

Our next meeting sees the return of Esther Morgan, who, on 2nd February, will adjudicate our competition to write a poem of no longer than 40 lines on the theme of 'Encounters'.

We hope to see you next time.

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