Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Esther Morgan's Poetry In Motion

Tonight, as part of Norwich Writers’ Circle’s ongoing programme, noted poet Esther Morgan held a workshop, which launched our second competition of the year.

Competition Two gives Circle members the opportunity to write a poem, a maximum of 40 lines long, on the theme of 'Encounters'.

The popular workshop was based around several free writing activities, all of which were designed to highlight the numerous ways we could approach our latest competition's theme.

Esther also illustrated to us how other writers have used the ideas of encounters within their work. An important shift in action, plus the use of dialogue and a interesting setting were all suggested as useful points to consider when writing poetry.

The Norfolk based poet recommended visiting poetryarchive.org to hear a variety of poems read aloud by their famous authors.

Our next meeting, on 17th November, will be one of our regular Manuscript Evenings. We hope to see you there.

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