Thursday, 9 February 2012

7th February 2012 Adjudication of Competition 3

Heidi Williamson’s adjudication of Poetry Competition on “The Journey”.

The results of the competition produced a variety of subjects and styles. Heidi’s criteria included structure, craft, detail and language but most of all the experience of entering another world. She stressed the importance for poets to look out for spelling mistakes and to keep the rhymes and sustain the subject throughout. She stated that the poem is the event not just a record of an event

She found the winners poems impressive, imaginative, unexpected and well crafted.

Elizabeth Bencze with “A letter” (a message from Mars)

Margaret Turner with “Queen Margaret” (A personalised account of the life and funeral of a Gypsy Queen who died in 1740)

Anne Sanderson with “From Earlier Ages via Modern means to Earlier Age” (cultural experience of a visit to China)

Mickie Dann with “The Gingerbread House” (likening a journey into womanhood after leaving school and the experience of a first job in a sweet factory to a fairy tale)

Visit Heidi’s website for details of poetry workshops.

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