Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Picture This With John Worrall

At The Assembly House this evening, Norwich Writers' Circle welcomed John Worrall, who gave us an interesting talk on Illustrated Features.

The writer and photographer's practical talk covered his 4 recommendations for getting your feature published.

The 4 areas highlighted to us were:
  • Idea
  • Pitch
  • Writing The Feature / Doing It
  • Doing It For Someone Else
Each of the areas above were covered in some detail by John, before we were then shown numerous examples, in books and magazines, of the visiting writers' work. The work shown to us then lead to a short Q&A session with the writer.

Tonight also saw the launch of our in-house Competition Four by John. This competition is the writing of an Article With A Local Theme of 800 words, + / - 20.

Our next meeting is the adjudication of Children's Adventure Story Competition, for The Cooper Prize, by Benjamin Scott. The above meeting is on 16th March , and we hope to see you there.

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