Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Paws For Poetry

They run like things gone mad,
Their long bodies bent in the middle.
Thick, fluffy fur of many colours
Flashes as they streak past.
Strong, clawed feet move in a blur
As they scamper over all surfaces.
Small, beady eyes seek out fun
Or the next meal.

A tangle of brizzly bodies,
Writhing like snakes
As they roll around.
They run up and down their tunnels
Noses quivering.
They squeak and squeal, bark and chatter.
They are never still but run all over the place.

Put your head around the door
And they come to you,
To stick their head in your pockets looking for treats.


The above poem about ferrets was written by Victoria Bartlett, and was featured in Norwich Writer’s Circle's recent Open Evening.

Since our mid-September meeting Victoria’s poem has been published in a fundraising book. The book, entitled Paws For Thought, has been published to raise awareness and money for the Wymondham based PACT Animal Sanctuary.

We hope you enjoyed the read.

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